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Project Cycle

The various stages from country programming to project completion and post evaluation are known collectively as AfDB Group's project cycle. Given the number of poor countries, AfDB Group’s project cycle activities are generally very active and painstaking, starting from ADF 3-yearly replenishment cycles with notably country resource allocations and core operational mandates for the replenishment cycle. The project cycle activities are however often carried out expeditiously and with the strictest professionalism on the part of the Bank staff. Actual project investment cycle activities are expedited in active participatory approach with all sections of the project beneficiaries.  

The documents produced under the project cycle are disclosed according to specific disclosure requirements and criteria for confidentiality under the Bank’s Information Disclosure Policy. For more details on document types and their disclosure requirements, click on documents at any of the stages in AfDB's project cycle.

Over the last few years, definitions of the terms commonly used in the AfDB Group’s project cycle operations have enhanced the understanding of the Bank’s mission and commitment to project results and impacts in the field.  Examples of definitions of  terms and concepts which are now well appropriated by AfDB borrowing countries, include: ownership, country performance indicators, the human development indicators, the millennium development goals, result-based or performance based country allocations, fragile states, good governance, development effectiveness etc.