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MapAfrica: Mapping for results

MapAfrica is an interactive platform that maps the locations of the Bank’s investments in Africa.

The African Development Bank (AfDB) is committed to enhancing transparency and better demonstrating results. It has adopted a new disclosure policy and endorsed the International Aid Transparency Initiative in 2011. To better communicate results to diverse stakeholders, the AfDB has developed a new geocoding tool – MapAfrica – in partnership with Aid Data. MapAfrica is an interactive platform that maps the geographic locations of AfDB’s investments in Africa. It allows the institution to improve the geographic allocations of its resources, and will provide its stakeholders with a better understanding of the Bank’s activities as well as their impact on local development.

With MapAfrica, users can navigate through our projects by country, sector, and project approval year or simply by zooming into a specific region or country. The map layers such as GDP or poverty rate will allow the users to make an analysis in a multifaceted way. MapAfrica is more than just maps: by clicking on a project location you will find out not only how much the AfDB is investing but also how this project is having an impact on people’s lives.