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Evaluation Reports

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24-Jun-2019 Human and Social Development - Review of Post Evaluation Reports of Education Projects in the Scientific, Technical and Vocation Training Sector
20-Jun-2019 DRC - National Capacity Building Programme Support Project (PANPURC) - PPER
14-Jun-2019 Chad: Public Sector Financial & Economic Restructuring Programme
14-Jun-2019 Rwanda: Mulindi and Pfunda Tea Factoties Extension
13-Jun-2019 Senegal: Projet D'electrification Rurale et Urbaine Programme de Redressement Du Secteur Electricite
13-Jun-2019 Kenya: Institutional Support for Tax modernization
06-Jun-2019 Swaziland - Projet de route Mbabane Mhlambanyatsi - REPP
06-Jun-2019 Zambia: Economic Recovery Programme
03-Jun-2019 2001 - Côte d’Ivoire - Workshop on Evaluation and Results-Based Management Implications for Bank Operational Procedures and Processes at Golf Hotel - Summary Report on Proceedings
03-Jun-2019 1995 - Operations Evaluation Office - Work Programme (Revised)
31-May-2019 OPEV’s Independent Assessment of the Quality at Entry of ADF 2005-2009 Operations and Strategies - Management Response
28-May-2019 1987-2003 - Ghana - Review of Bank Assistance to the Transport Sector
28-May-2019 1996-2007 - Ethiopia - Country Assistance Evaluation
28-May-2019 Mauritania - Country Assistance Evaluation 1994-2004
27-May-2019 1988 Annual Operations Evaluation Report
15-Apr-2019 Procès-verbal visite et conférence avant soumission des offres - ADB/RFP/CHGS/2019/0061
26-Feb-2019 Invitation à soumissionner - Travaux d’aménagement du bureau de la Banque africaine de développement a Bangui – République Centrafricaine
24-Aug-2015 1994-2004 - Morocco - Evaluation of Bank Assistance to the Education Sector
24-Aug-2015 1996-2004 - Morocco - Evaluation of Bank Assistance to the Public Utilities Sector
15-Jan-2015 Lesotho - Khamane-Oxbow Road Project - PPER